3mm & 5mm NMR Tube Brush
Thoroughly cleans and removes even stubborn contaminants from the inner surface of 3mm thin wall NMR tubes.
5 Position NMR Tube Cleaner
Comprised of an all glass and fluoropolymer design, the U505 will clean five NMR tubes of the same, or various, lengths and diameters.
5mm NMR Tube Carrier
Carrier can be clipped to your pocket. Provides safe transport of NMR samples.
5mm & 10mm NMR Tube Septa
Precision seal rubber septa for 5mm & 10mm NMR tubes. Used for multiple injections with syringe needle.
72 Position NMR Tube Rack
This sturdy rack made from polypropylene has upper deck with holes and lower deck with indentations to support tube ends.
For Bruker Match™ NMR Tube Caps
Our ultra-precision machined NMR tubes specifically made for the Bruker MATCH System.
For Bruker Match™ System Tube Rack
Designed by Bruker BiospinTM, offers convenient and secure bench top placement of MATCHTM NMR tubes, tube holders, and Bruker spinner turbines.
Coaxial Inserts
(5mm & 10mm) for external lock & reference solvents. Precision inner cell for use with 5mm & 10mm thin wall NMR tubes.
Two sizes are available; 3.5ml (standard) and 1.5ml (semi-micro). All cuvettes have a 10mm path length and are 45mm high.
Economy NMR Tube Caps
Our economy NMR tube caps are now available in 12 different colors for better solvent labeling capabilities.
Fluoropolymer Column Packing
This unique, lightweight, efficient distillation column packing was developed in our chemical R&D laboratories in the process of separation of H2O from D2O (heavy water) by distillation.
Fluoropolymer Liners & Tube Kits
Our fluoropolymer tube liners & tube kits are perfect for NMR studies where chemical compounds such as hydrofluoric acid, ammonium bifluoride and concentrated hydroxide solutions are present.
Fluoropolymer NMR Tube Caps
Supplied with a fluoropolymer backed silicone septum for clean, easy access with a 22 gauge standard point needle. Available with solid screw cap and no septum.
NorLoc™ Caps for NMR Tubes
Advance to the next level of sample security, personnel safety and time savings. Combine Norell NorLoc™ caps with Norell NMR tubes and experience the ultimate sample containment system!
NRS-250 Surfactant
For clean & residue-free NMR sample tubes & labware NRS-250, the “NO RESIDUE SURFACTANT” is the ultimate in cleanliness for your NMR sample tubes, glassware and equipment.
Optimizer Inserts™ for 5mm Spinner Turbines
Precision adapter holds 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm or 4.25mm NMR tubes in 5mm spinner turbine.
pH Electrodes & Cables for NMR Tubes
Hamilton pH electrodes and connecting cables provide uncompromising quality in precision pH measurements.
PTFE Syringe Tubing
Our PTFE syringe tubing offer an excellent means to access the bottom of small inner diameter NMR tubes, allowing void-free filling with viscous solvents such as DMSO- d6 or deuterium oxide.
Pasteur Pipettes
Our new pipettes display a uniformly drawn tip that can easily access the bottom of our 8" (203mm) long 5mm NMR tubes.
Permanent Markers
Use this high quality, permanent ink, ultra fine point marker to clearly mark & organize all of your NMR Tube samples.
Polypropylene Syringes
These syringes are latex free, contain no rubber, no silicone oil, or styrene.
Screw Cap NMR Tube Caps
Supplied with a fluoropolymer backed silicone septum for clean, easy access with a 22 gauge standard point needle. Available with solid screw cap and no septum.
Silicone Rubber Stoppers
These stoppers can provide a solution for those difficult situations when a standard tube cap cannot be used, as, for instance, when space is a limiting factor.
Spinner Brush
Our SB-5 spinner brush features a foam tip that resists shredding and lint generation. A generous 6 inch length easily accesses the entire length of the inner bore of a Varian style spinner turbine.
Spinner Turbine Toroids
For your spinner turbine maintenance and repair, Norell, Inc. offers superior, high performance replacement components for the standard o-rings as supplied by the spinner turbine manufacturer.
Tube Washing Unit
Our NMR Sample Tube Washing Unit is made of borosilicate glass. It is a “must” for anyone confronted with the tedious task of cleaning NMR sample tubes. Wash, rinse and dry your NMR tubes - all in one single step!
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