Tapered Fluoropolymer Caps for Bruker MATCH™ Tubes

The Bruker MATCH™ tube caps, specially machined from PTFE fluoropolymer, are color coded by tube size, and correspond to the color of the tube clamp in the MATCH™ Insert Assembly, allowing quick identification of matching components.

The MATCH™ tube cap incorporates a slightly tapered inner diameter. Initially, the cap aligns and pushes easily onto the tube. It then becomes progressively tighter as the tube reaches full depth within the cap, creating a positive seal to preserve volatile sample solutions throughout short or long term storage.

The accompanying table includes caps for all current MATCH™ tube sizes, as well as for the 1.0mm OD size contained in older MATCH™ Tube Kits.

Item No.
Item No.
Color Packed
In Lots Of
TCM100 S-1.0-500-1 Black 5
TCM170 S-1.7-500-1 Natural 5
TCM200 S-2.0-500-1 Yellow 5
TCM250 S-2.5-500-1 Red 5
TCM300 S-3.0-500-1 Green 5
TCM400 S-4.0-500-1 Blue 5
TCM425 S-4.25-500-1 Natural 5
TCM500 S-5.0-500-1 Black 5
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