Fluoropolymer FEP Multi-Channel Distillation Column Packing

This unique, lightweight, efficient distillation column packing was developed in our chemical R&D laboratories in the process of separation of H2O from D2O (heavy water) by distillation.

Being chemically inert, with large contact surface area, it proved to be an excellent distillation column packing in the process of upgrading and separation by distillation of our deuterated solvents.

We have determined the HETP (Height Equivalent to a Theoretical Plate) to be approximately 14.2 cm when using a standard test solution in a carefully controlled experimental apparatus, and we estimate that 100g of 5mm o.d. individual Multi-Channel™ units consists of 880 pieces, occupies 200 cm3 in volume and offers about 2720 cm2 in total surface area.

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Multi-Channel Distillation Column Packing


Item No Weight Approx.
Size Approx.
Pieces Per Pack
Surface Area
MCD-5 250g 500cm3 5mm 2200 6800cm2
MCD-8 250g 500cm3 8mm 876 6800cm2
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