Fluoropolymer Liners and Accessories

Fluoropolymer Liners

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For NMR studies where chemical compounds such as hydrofluoric acid, ammonium bifluoride and concentrated hydroxide solutions are present. Our fluoropolymer tube liners have a thin-wall construction that minimizes filling-factor losses. Supplied with a PTFE plug closure.

Item No. Tube Size
Volume at 50mm
TL-5-7 5 approx. 0.35ml
TL-10-7 10 approx. 2.00ml

Fluoropolymer Liner Tube Kits for 29SI and 11B

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For Silicon and Boron NMR, we recommend the use of either TL-5-TUBEKIT for 5mm probes or TL-10-TUBEKIT for 10mm probes. Kit is designed for either Varian, Bruker, or JEOL spinners as a holding device for the fluoropolymer liner. Probe only “sees” fluoropolymer, allowing for excellent 29Si and 11B spectra.

Item No. Contents
TL-5-TUBEKIT two o-rings & one 5mm open-end tube
TL-10-TUBEKIT two o-rings & one 10mm open-end tube
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Flyouropolymer NMR Tube Liner Kits