5 Position NMR Tube Cleaner

Comprised of an all glass and fluoropolymer design, the U505 will clean five NMR tubes of the same, or various, lengths and diameters. Fluoropolymer adapter has five positions with flexible 1/8" fluoropolymer tubing supplied in 9" lengths that can be cut to desired height. The NMR tube is placed over the tubing and seats in the adapter, leaving a small space between the end of the fluoropolymer tubing and the inside bottom of the NMR tube. With the stopcock in the closed position, the reservoir is connected to a low vacuum source. Cleaning solvent is added into the adapter followed by air drying to complete the process in seconds. Flexible tubing and adapter design reduces breakage. Stopcock permits easy draining of solvent. Hose connection is 10mm at the largest serration.

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Item No. Description
U505 for 5mm – 10mm NMR tubes
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