5mm & 10mm NMR Tube Septa

These precision molded natural rubber septa for 5mm and 10mm NMR sample tubes seal against both the inner and outer surfaces of standard, thin wall NMR tubes, providing the ultimate protection for sensitive or reactive samples, isolating them from contact with air, moisture and other ambient contaminants.

This dual seal septum likewise protects personnel against exposure to samples that may pose health or safety hazards, while still allowing easy access through the septum, using a syringe, to add, transfer or retrieve samples from the NMR tube.

The septa are molded from one certified raw material formulation, ensuring consistency in all sizes, from one lot to another. This soft, resilient natural rubber compound pushes easily onto NMR tubes and ampules, without breaking or cracking fragile, thin wall tubes.

The soft rubber material of the septum tolerates multiple penetrations without losing sealing capability, especially if successive penetrations are made at the same spot using a sharp, noncoring point needle.

Septa should be stored in a sealed plastic bag, away from sunlight, to inhibit “blooming”, a process producing a harmless, whitish film or powder on the surface of natural rubber. Surface bloom does not affect performance, and can be removed by wiping or washing.

Item No. Color Packed
In Lots Of
SEPTA-5-W White 100
SEPTA-5-R Red 100
SEPTA-10-W White 100
SEPTA-10-R Red 100
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