NMR Optimizer Inserts

Precision adapter, made from a proprietary formulation of acetal homopolymer resin, holds 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm or 4.25mm NMR tubes in 5mm spinner turbine. Available for Agilent/Varian, Bruker & Jeol spectrometers. Does not include spinner turbine. U.S. Patent #7,728,593.

  • Individual precision adapters hold 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm or 4.25mm NMR tubes in 5mm spinner turbine
  • Suited for method development to optimize sensitivity and resolution of NMR Spectra.
  • Ideal for analyzing biological samples or buffered solutions with high salt concentration.
  • Run sample in seven NMR tube sizes to determine optimal sample volume without purchase of new Spinner Turbines
  • Available for Bruker, Varian, and Jeol 5mm Spinner Turbines.
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Optimizer Inserts for 5mm Spinner Turbines
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Item No Tube Size (mm) Spinner Type
5X1.5INS-B 1.50 Bruker
5X1.5INS-J 1.50 JEOL
5X1.5INS-V 1.50 Agilent/Varian
5X1.7INS-B 1.70 Bruker
5X1.7INS-J 1.70 JEOL
5X1.7INS-V 1.70 Agilent/Varian
5X2INS-B 2.00 Bruker
5X2INS-J 2.00 JEOL
5X2INS-V 2.00 Agilent/Varian
5X2.5INS-B 2.50 Bruker
5X2.5INS-J 2.50 JEOL
5X2.5INS-V 2.50 Agilent/Varian
5X3INS-B 3.00 Bruker
5X3INS-J 3.00 JEOL
5X3INS-V 3.00 Agilent/Varian
5X4INS-B 4.00 Bruker
5X4INS-J 4.00 JEOL
5X4INS-V 4.00 Agilent/Varian
5X4.25INS-B 4.25 Bruker
5X4.25INS-J 4.25 JEOL
5X4.25INS-V 4.25 Agilent/Varian
10X1.5INS-AV 1.50 Agilent/Varian
10X1.7INS-AV 1.70 Agilent/Varian
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