PTFE Syringe Tubing

These 12" lengths of PTFE syringe tubing offer an excellent means to access the bottom of small inner diameter NMR tubes, allowing void-free filling with viscous solvents such as DMSO- d6 or deuterium oxide.

Likewise, this syringe tubing permits easy retrieval of sample solutions from small diameter NMR tubes, or through the narrow orifice of valved NMR tubes, for example.

The flexible, totally inert and chemically resistant PTFE tubing is supplied with a female Luer-lock hub on one end and a raw cut on the opposite end. The tubing can easily be cut and shortened to any desired length.

The Luer-lock hub fits the above syringes, or any other syringes having a male Luer taper connection, whether of the locking type or slip-tip type.

The Luer-lock hub, made from Kel-F® (also known as PCTFE, or polychlorotrifluoroethylene), has excellent chemical resistance, mechanical strength and deformation resistance.

The PTFE and Kel-F® materials of construction are virtually impervious to all common solvents, making the assembled syringe tubes washable and reusable many times over.

In the table below, several different gauge diameters of PTFE tubing are presented, allowing use with all Norell NMR tubes except 1mm O.D. The individual sizes may be purchased separately, or as a kit containing one of each size. Please note th at, upon request, other gauge sizes from 30 to 7 are available, as well as custom lengths having a female hub on one end only or on both ends.

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PTFE Syringe Tubing, 12" Long, Kel-F® Female Luer-lock Hub on One End

Item No. Recommended Minimum
Size NMR Tube
Tubing Size
(Gauge Number)
Nominal O.D. Nominal I.D.
inch mm inch mm
NDL-PTFE-28X12 1.5mm O.D. thin wall tubes 28 0.033 0.84 0.015 0.38
NDL-PTFE-24X12 1.7mm O.D. thin wall tubes 24 0.040 1.02 0.022 0.56
NDL-PTFE-22X12 2.0mm O.D. thin wall tubes 22 0.046 1.17 0.028 0.71
NDL-PTFE-17X12 2.5mm O.D. thin wall tubes,
High Pressure Valved tubes
17 0.071 1.80 0.047 1.19
NDL-PTFE-16X12 3.0mm O.D. thin wall tubes,
5.0mm O.D heavy wall tubes
16 0.077 1.96 0.053 1.35
NDL-PTFE-12X12 5.0 & 4.0mm O.D. thin wall tubes,
5.0mm O.D. medium wall,
all larger size tubes
12 0.109 2.77 0.085 2.16
(contains one each of the above items)
Suitable for all above sizes
(Except 1.0mm O.D.)
One each of the
above sizes
As per above As per above As per above As per above