High Performance Spinner Turbine Toroids

For your spinner turbine maintenance and repair, Norell, Inc. offers superior, high performance replacement components for the standard o-rings as supplied by the spinner turbine manufacturer. The Norell high-performance components are precision toroids manufactured from fluorosilicone elastomer, an advanced aerospace material having enhanced properties. Fluorosilicone elastomer maintains low temperature flexibility without sacrificing high temperature capability or chemical and solvent resistance as compared to other standard materials of construction. Additionally, fluorosilicone elastomer displays superior resistance to sunlight and ozone degradation, two common causes of failure of other elastomeric materials.

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NMR Spinner Turbines


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Item No. Spinner Size
Spinner Type Packed In Lots Of
HPT5B-2PK 5 Bruker POM RT 2
HPT5B-10PK 5 Bruker POM RT 10
HPT5BC-2PK 5 Bruker ceramic VT 2
HPT5BC-10PK 5 Bruker ceramic VT 10
HPT5V-2PK 5 Varian 2
HPT5V-10PK 5 Varian 10
HPT3B-2PK 3 Bruker POM RT 2
HPT3B-10PK 3 Bruker POM RT 10
HPT3V-2PK 3 Varian 2
HPT3V-10PK 3 Varian 10